Bharatanatyam | Dancing for the Gods
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Bruno Kavanagh Producer / Learning Designer

I was born in England in 1969 and graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Modern Languages, specializing in Italian Literature. For the last fifteen years I have been lucky enough to divide my time between the United States (New York), London and India (Chennai).

After leaving university I started out in television production, but I quickly became fascinated by the field of computer-based learning. In the second half of the 1990s I focused on setting up companies to exploit this opportunity, building computer-assisted training and simulation-based modules for large corporate clients.

As of 2008, much of my focus is on arts education in schools. This is because I believe passionately that the creative arts must be put at the heart of the curriculum to help students of all ages (including adult learners) maximize their talents. I believe the creative arts can help learners of any age, in any subject area. Yes... dancing, music and movement can help students even with physics and mathematics.... or geography.... or any topic, right across the curriculum.

Many people are stuck in a traditional mind-set and fail to grasp this exciting reality. But, like many of the best ideas, it can be reduced to a simple formula: getting creative in the classroom helps kids enjoy their lessons more and as a result they learn more. My goal, as an entrepreneur and consultant, is to work with educators to develop tools and methodologies that make creative lessons a reality for schools across the US and the world.

I was very happy to work with Preeti on Dancing for the Gods for many reasons. The project provided me with a privileged insight into her art-form, and the cultural heritage of her country. My role on the project was to structure the content and manage the delivery, working with a team of highly skilled IT and media professionals, all based in India, to produce the course as you see it today. This involved nearly two years living in Chennai, and drinking many cups of tea (hot and sweet, Indian-style!)

As Preeti writes in her statement, we now live in downtown Manhattan in an apartment overlooking the Hudson River. We travel frequently back to Europe and India. In my spare time, I play guitar and piano, listen to a lot of 18th century (Western) music and watch the England (or Indian) cricket team whenever I can.
Bruno Kavanagh
Preeti Vasudevan
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