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On this page we've collected some quotes from people from around the world who've used
Dancing for the Gods. These range from well-known dance professionals to regular dance students and enthusiasts. See for yourself what people are saying!
"Inspired...a model for the next wave of interactive learning"

Dancing for the Gods is an inspired, innovative and thoroughly engaging approach to dance education that should be the model for the next wave of interactive learning for all the arts. Elegant in design, with world-class demonstrations and enticing options for creative learning, the site and DVD will bring more people to live performances than all the marketing out there.

Bruce Adolphe
Composer & Resident Lecturer
The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (New York, USA)
"I can't imagine a better tool..."

With so much movement and communication in today's world where information appears to be the lead currency it is easy for people and companies to become faceless. I've always been sceptical about digital tools that try to convey the passion and creativity of dancing. Dancing for the Gods has changed all that for me. The website has a real face and a heartbeat that reaches out and touches both emotionally and intellectually. For those of us who are both curious and want to feel the power of dance I can't imagine or think of a better tool outside of sitting in a theatre itself.

Farooq Chowdhury
Akram Khan Dance Company (UK)
"Excellent use of new technology to introduce an ancient tradition!"

This interactive programme opens new venues for users of all ages to explore the traditions of Indian classical dance. It is robust, informative and educational - and excellent use of new technology to introduce an ancient tradition!

Dr. James M. Bradburne
Educationalist / Museum Director (Italy)
"Opens up a whole new pathway...transcending"

Congratulations on creating this unique educational tool! Dancing for the Gods opens up a whole new pathway into de-mystifying Bharatanatyam for students and teachers. Being a teacher of this art form and actively engaged in developing curriculum connections in the school system, I find that Dancing for The Gods brings the depth and richness of this art form right into the minds and lives of students in a fun-filled interactive exchange. Given the diversity of cultures that are represented in the school systems today in North America, such educational initiatives are invaluable in transcending boundaries of language, culture and ethnicity.

Lata Pada
Sampradaya Dance Creations (Canada)
" other product has anything like this!"

Dancing for the Gods is an invaluable tool for both the student and the performing artist. As a student, one learns how to think when one dances and thereby become an educated dancer; for the performing artist, it is an invaluable tool to revisit and revise one's own approach to dance and leap forward in skill and ability. The fact that the program is interactive makes it even more appealing since one can truly learn both dance and theory while practicing each lesson then and there - no other dance-related product out there has anything like this! For me, Preeti Vasudevan's refreshing approach to the idiom of Indian dance will undoubtedly improve the standard and practice of the dance. At the same time this will help to produce a new generation of skilled, capable and, more importantly, well-educated dancers of the future. Through interviews with great stalwarts and experts in both dance and history, one can have a first-hand look at dance and where it's going without leaving your home.

Puneet Panda
Advanced Dance Student & Performer (USA)
"Une incroyable capacité d'invention et de clarté...une référence incontournable..."

Quand Preeti Vasudevan nous avait parlé, à propos du Bharatanatyam, de son projet de site ou dvd pédagogique et interactif, nous nous étions dit que, devant la complexité du langage chorégraphique de cette danse millénaire, il lui faudrait faire preuve d'une incroyable capacité d'invention, de clarté et de persévérance pour créer une méthode accessible au plus grand nombre. Le résultat va bien au-delà de ce qu'on pouvait prévoir et s'inscrit désormais comme une référence incontournable pour qui veut, à son rythme et via internet, naviguer dans les formes, les mouvements etles regards d'une danse qui ne cesse d'interroger la modernité dans ce qu'elle a de plus vivant. Mais au fond, pouvait-il en être autrement quand on sait avec quelles vitalité, générosité et intelligence Preeti est capable dans ses cours de combiner qualités d'enseignement et sensibilité artistique.

"Incredible inventiveness and clarity...a 'must-have' reference ..."

When Preeti Vasudevan first told us about her plans for an interactive educational website and DVD on Bharatanatyam, we said to ourselves that - faced with the complex choreographic language of this ancient dance-form - she was going to have to show an incredible inventiveness, clarity and perseverance in order to create a method that would be accessible to the general public. And yet the result goes even beyond anything we could have imagined - and should now be considered a must-have reference guide for anyone who wants, in his or her own time over the Internet, to explore the movements, gestures and facial expressions of a dance-form which, in its most lively aspects, engages in an eternal dialogue with modernity. But, in truth, could the outcome of this project have been any different, when one understands how much energy, generosity and intelligence Preeti brings with her when she combines, in her teaching, an educator's skill with artistic sensitivity?

Philippe Priasso & Dominique Boivin
Compangie Beau Geste (France)
"Classical tradition with contemporary perspectives...excellent"

Preeti Vasudevan is an outstanding practitioner and scholar of Indian Classical Dance, with whom I have had the pleasure of working on a number of projects. The enthusiasm, artistry, and ability to fuse classical tradition with contemporary perspectives, that she brings so easily to the workshop and rehearsal studio, is clearly reflected in this excellent DVD.

Dr. John C. Green
Department of Theatre Butler University (USA)
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